Town of Tatum

Water & Maintenance Department


Public Works Director – Jose Garcia

210 S Eubanks
P.O. Box 156
Tatum, NM 88267
Telephone: (575) 398-4633

Tatum Convenience Center

10 South Odell
Tuesday & Thursday 1pm – 4pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm

Yard trimmings Weeds Yard trash Tree limbs Furniture Mattresses Appliances (Freon removed and metal)

Demolition Materials: Wood Sheet rock some tile – carpet (Pick-up Load or less)
4 – Tires per load per day

Lea County Resident’s Household’s Materials Only

Non-Acceptable Materials:

NO: Commercial * Business * Contractors * Landscapers (Go to landfill in Eunice NM)
NO: Roofing Materials * Concrete * Rocks * Bricks * Tree Trunks * Pallets
NO: Dead Animals * Livestock * Parts of dead animals or livestock
NO: Tractor/Trailer * Heavy Equipment * Farm Tires
NO: Hazardous Materials
NO: Liquids * Oils * Herbicides * Cleaning Products * Solvents * Stains * Paint Thinner * Asbestos
NO: Medical or Infectious Waste
NO: Batteries
Lea County Tire Recycling Roundup
Please bring up to 4 passenger or light truck tires per visit

First Come, First Serve
1- Tire Recycling Container Available
Roundup ends when container is filled to Capacity
Please secure your load
Keep Lea County Lovely